Big Data

Meets the Parking Industry.

Smarking - Data Analytics for Parking.

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Our Mission

With over 300 million people and over 600 million parking spots in the US, people are still unable to find available parking easily. Parking facilities lose money due to unused spaces and suffer from the lack of a demand control tool during busy times. Smarking, an MIT spin-off technology company, makes parking less painful for both businesses and consumers by using predictive analytics.

Improve Operations

Smarking helps parking managers optimize staffing and reduce operational costs. Smarking also enhances the capability of Parking Revenue Control Systems to keep revenue leakage to a minimum.

Boost Revenue

Smarking enables parking managers to foresee future demand and maximize the utilization of parking properties with optimized pricing.

Customer Satisfaction

Smarking allows parking businesses to share availability information with customers and provide promotions at the right time.

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