Paving the way for intelligent parking systems

  There are 300 million people in the U.S. with 600 million parking spaces built, but people still can't find available spots easily. Parking facilities are losing money for empty spaces and are suffering from the shortage of demand control tool during busy times as well. Smarking sees this an information imbalance problem between the parking facilities and drivers.

  By providing the real time and predictive information of parking spaces to the public via web service, Smarking reduces the huge inefficiency and create dollar value for parking facilities. Data vending to interested GPS/map service providers and advertisement/business promotion for local merchants are also potential future services. A market of $3 billion is ready to be tackled.

  Smarking is about transforming the idea of parking by utilizing real-time data and mobile technologies to reduce market and societal inefficiencies.

Pilot Projects

Boston Logan International Airport

Boston Logan Airport is one of the most advanced international airport in the world. But, currently the demand control of its parking system slows down the further development. Smarking provides a comprehensive solution to this problem by predictive data analytics.

City of Boston

Boston is one of greatest cities in the world. However, it has profound transportation congestion problems By providing real time and predicted parking space information to the general public via various channels, Smarking enables Boston to achieve multiple goals in a highly optimized manner without extra expenditure on infrastructure construction.


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